Friday, 7 December 2012

Special Reduced Prices

It’s not long now until Christmas and shopping days are disappearing.  We have some fantastic special offers on at the moment, especially if you’re a motor racing fan ... or you know one!

100 YEARS OF GRAND PRIX - Celebrating A Century of Grand Prix Racing
Reduced from £30.00 to £11.00
Illustrated throughout with amazing historic photographs, the majority of which come from a unique private collection in Europe and have never been previously published.

Grand prix racing still attracts worldwide interest with a television audience in the tens of millions. Races are held in 19 different countries.

The British Grand Prix remains a sell-out every year with over 100,000 fans attending on race day.

Designed to appeal to both the committed Formula 1 enthusiast and the casual observer alike.
ISBN:  978 0 9551020 1 1   Author: Trevor Legate

COBRA – The First 40 Years
Reduced from £60.00 to £30.00
This sumptuous book is a tribute to the Cobra designer and auto industry legend Carroll Shelby (1923-2012) and is the ultimate must-have for Cobra aficionados and sports car enthusiasts alike.

This major work covers the story of the Shelby AC Cobra in depth, from the first exciting road cars to the ultimate 7-litre ‘427’ Cobra and the racing models, including the Daytona Coupes that contested the FIA World Championship, winning the GT crown in 1965. From there the story progresses, covering the end of production in 1968 and the subsequent rise of the ‘replica’ kit-car market, plus the advent of AC Autokraft and the AC Cobra MkIV. It also covers the story of how Carroll Shelby recreated the 427S/C and the controversy that surrounded it.
ISBN: 978 0 9551020 0 4  Author: Trevor Legate

FIGHTING FORCE – The 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air ForceReduced from £24.00 to £12.00
This is a celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, by author and photographer Jamie Hunter, whose other bestsellers include the highly acclaimed ‘Red Arrows’.

This large, colourful and engaging book presents the reader with a fascinating insight into RAF life, showing all of the RAF's combat and support aircraft in operation.
ISBN: 978 0 9551020 5 9  Author: Jamie Hunter


We have about a dozen other titles for remaindering, ranging from Dance to Cricket to Motoring.  If you are interested in seeing our remainders lists or would like to buy any of the above titles please do get in touch.
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