Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Greetings

Firstly we would like to say a big warm thank you and a very merry Christmas to all our very supportive Clients, Customers, Suppliers , Representatives and everyone else who has crossed our paths this year.
2012 has proven to be a tough year for all and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we endeavour as ever to do our best to provide the level of service required in this ever evolving trade.

An announcement

Our Publisher – Grenadine -  are delighted to announce the nominations from the awards committee for the 2013 World Cook Book Awards to be presented in Paris February 2013.

They have three titles nominated in various categories;
this English language title is distributed by Vine House: 

Cava:  Sparkling Happiness
ISBN: 978 1 908233 10 3  HB  £9.99

Grenadine has also been confirmed as “Wine Book Publisher of the Year 2012”

New title for January 2013

Classical ballet was perhaps the most visible symbol of aristocratic culture and its isolation from the rest of Russian society under the tsars. In the wake of the October Revolution, ballet, like all of the arts, fell under the auspices of the Soviet authorities, who attempted to mold the former imperial ballet to suit their revolutionary cultural agenda and re-educate the masses. As Christina Ezrahis groundbreaking study reveals, they were far from successful in this ambitious effort to gain complete control over art.
Swans of the Kremlin offers a fascinating glimpse at the collision of art and politics during the volatile first fifty years of the Soviet period.
Based on extensive research into official archives, and personal interviews with artists and staff, Ezrahi presents the first-ever account of the inner workings of these famed ballet troupes during the Soviet era.
ISBN: 978 1 85273 158 8 PB £19.99

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

Look dawn of Christmas is appearing
It is coming with new hopes
new wishes
New determinations
New Joys
So enjoy it at full extent
Merry Christmas!

The Vine House Team
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Friday, 7 December 2012

Special Reduced Prices

It’s not long now until Christmas and shopping days are disappearing.  We have some fantastic special offers on at the moment, especially if you’re a motor racing fan ... or you know one!

100 YEARS OF GRAND PRIX - Celebrating A Century of Grand Prix Racing
Reduced from £30.00 to £11.00
Illustrated throughout with amazing historic photographs, the majority of which come from a unique private collection in Europe and have never been previously published.

Grand prix racing still attracts worldwide interest with a television audience in the tens of millions. Races are held in 19 different countries.

The British Grand Prix remains a sell-out every year with over 100,000 fans attending on race day.

Designed to appeal to both the committed Formula 1 enthusiast and the casual observer alike.
ISBN:  978 0 9551020 1 1   Author: Trevor Legate

COBRA – The First 40 Years
Reduced from £60.00 to £30.00
This sumptuous book is a tribute to the Cobra designer and auto industry legend Carroll Shelby (1923-2012) and is the ultimate must-have for Cobra aficionados and sports car enthusiasts alike.

This major work covers the story of the Shelby AC Cobra in depth, from the first exciting road cars to the ultimate 7-litre ‘427’ Cobra and the racing models, including the Daytona Coupes that contested the FIA World Championship, winning the GT crown in 1965. From there the story progresses, covering the end of production in 1968 and the subsequent rise of the ‘replica’ kit-car market, plus the advent of AC Autokraft and the AC Cobra MkIV. It also covers the story of how Carroll Shelby recreated the 427S/C and the controversy that surrounded it.
ISBN: 978 0 9551020 0 4  Author: Trevor Legate

FIGHTING FORCE – The 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air ForceReduced from £24.00 to £12.00
This is a celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, by author and photographer Jamie Hunter, whose other bestsellers include the highly acclaimed ‘Red Arrows’.

This large, colourful and engaging book presents the reader with a fascinating insight into RAF life, showing all of the RAF's combat and support aircraft in operation.
ISBN: 978 0 9551020 5 9  Author: Jamie Hunter


We have about a dozen other titles for remaindering, ranging from Dance to Cricket to Motoring.  If you are interested in seeing our remainders lists or would like to buy any of the above titles please do get in touch.
We're looking forward to hearing from you.
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Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy October and Welcome November

With less than 60 days left to go until Christmas, time is flying by, so Vine House Distribution Limited will take this opportunity to let you know about some of our titles.
Listed below are latest and forthcoming titles from Vine House Distribution Limited and special pre-Christmas offers on children’s floor puzzle sets.



  • Coolbrands 2012/13   9780956533449   £50.00   Marketing/Advertising
  • Awesome Card Tricks   9781905339808   £8.99   Hobbies, Quizzes, Games
  • Awesome Magic Tricks   9781905339792   £8.99   Hobbies, Quizzes, Games
  • Malt Whisky Yearbook 2013   9780955260797   £13.95   Food & Drink
  • Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2013   9782919184064   £19.95   Food & Drink


  • Boss of Britain’s Underworld   9780956095800   £19.99   Autobiography/Crime
  • Billy Hill, Gyp and Me   9780956095817   £15.99   Autobiography/Crime
  • The Reward Society   9780953441532   £9.99   Cultural Studies
  • Alan Mann: A Life of Chance   9781899870851    £45.00   Autobiography/Motor Racing
  • This is Dobbo   9780957146716   £5.99   Children/Picture storybook
  • New Zealand B&B Book 2013   9780958256988   £12.95   Travel
  • Australian Accommodation Guide 2013   9780975804087    £12.95   Travel

  • Automobile Year 60 (2012/13)   9782726896792   £47.00   Road Transport

Vine House Distribution Limited have the following titles, from Haldane Mason, on offer 
– reduced from £6.99 to just £4.99 during November & December.

Designed for young children aged 2–5, these handy little floor puzzle packs contain a 16-page board book and a giant jigsaw puzzle perfect for little hands. Children will love singing the nursery rhyme or listening to/reading the story and they’ll have loads of fun doing the extra-large jigsaw. The text promotes literacy and the puzzle helps with the development of colour-matching and coordination skills. Beautifully illustrated by Stephen Holmes and published by Red Kite Books (Imprint of Haldane Mason Ltd).

16 page board book and jigsaw
Box: 167mm x 125mm Book: 165mm x 124mm
The Christmas Story ISBN 9781905339655 £4.99 during November & December - email us at!

  • The Christmas Story   9781905339655
  • The Creation Story   9781905339549
  • Noah’s Ark   9781905339556
  • Humpty Dumpty   9781905339525
  • Hickory Dickory Dock   9781905339488
  • The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly   9781905339440
  • Wheels on the Bus   9781902463766
  • Monkey’s Puzzle   9781902463223
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm   9781902463728

Monkey's Puzzle ISBN 9781902463223 £4.99 during November & December - email us at!   Old MacDonald's Farm ISBN 9781902463728 £4.99 during November & December - email us at!Wheels on the Bus ISBN 9781902463766 £4.99 during November & December - email us at!

If you are interested in buying any of the listed or other books from Vine House Distribution Limited or would like to discuss our terms and discounts, please get in touch.

Phone: +44 1825 767396
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We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy days.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

China in your hand

This month we review why a book distributor and particularly Vine House Distribution Limited are so important to an author.
Your dream of being a successful author is china in your hand, you don’t know what you might have set upon yourself but you know how delicate it is.
It is not always easy to get noticed but you can depend on Vine House Distribution Limited to get you noticed whatever the size of the distribution of your dream.  
The hills are alive
Do you like writing? of course you do, the hills are alive with the sound of furious tapping of the keyboard as your mind explodes with rapturous enthusiasm of the words that just keep flowing.  Your dream, write a book, publish it and get it out there among your eager public hanging on every word of your page turner book, be a successful author. 
Good representation will forever be the key to selling books into book trade outlets whether they be shops or electronically driven.  The word from the hills is call Vine House Distribution Limited, masters in the top to toe process of successful book distribution.     
Who would believe it!

Who would believe that there are so many cogs in the wheel of successful book distribution.  You may have thought writing a book was tricky, you may have even thought about self publishing and distribution, but do you really want to spend your time creating:

·         a customer base;

·         sorting invoices;

·         cash collections;

·         credit control;

·         sales stock reporting;

·         shipping orders;

·         space in your garage taken up with books; or

·         disposing of excess stock.   

Of course you don’t, you want more time being an author and writing your next work. You have arrived, look no further Vine House Distribution Limited are here right now with twenty five years of experience at your doorstep to nurture your book through their vast  network to get to the eyes of readers. 

Vine House Distribution Limited is professional and efficient whether you have a small or large distribution.  So:

·         forget admin;

·         forget accounting;

·         forget distribution and warehousing;

·         forget publicity; and

just leave it to us and get writing, that’s what lights up your world and that’s your goal, leave the rest to Vine House Distribution Limited. 
Listen to the hills
 Vine House Distribution Limited staff fully understand the needs of distribution for their customers and individual staff are assigned as first point of contact and ongoing liaison.
And of course we specialise in distribution for the smaller publisher.   
Our pledge to you
Vine House Distribution Limited sets itself apart with its cutting edge service and pledges to you a service second to none:
Value for money
International distribution
Nothing is too much trouble
Encouragement and support
Help at your fingertips
Orders of any size
Understand our business
Sales and Marketing bespoke to you
Excellent communicating with our customers at all times
Distribution Limited  
And finally
If you need a professional efficient cutting edge distributor contact Vine House Distribution Limited now.
Phone +44 1825 767 396
Fax +441825 765 649

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Top to Toe

We’re back again to tell you why we are the right choice for you. This month we take a meander at another of Vine House Distribution Limited key services, Order Fulfilment.
Having previously looked at what goes on behind the scenes ensuring how we can best represent your book to trade outlets; good representation being the bread and butter in selling books, let’s take a top to toe look at how we provide a further vital service of order fulfilment.
So what’s this about? Well, you need to be totally confident that orders for your book are despatched quickly and efficiently backed up with excellent record keeping tracking and receipt of payments. Vine House Distribution Limited has an experienced and motivated customer service team who are quick to respond to queries together with awareness and empathy for the needs of independent publishers, married with efficient sales and a dedicated distribution network.
We offer a slick end to end process – our speciality to work professionally with all our clients and always to encourage and support the smaller publisher.
Pick Pack Ship
Vine House Distribution Limited receives orders from:
  • Members of the public.
  • Companies
  • Institutions etc and
We can receive these orders by:
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email or
  • EDI
Vine House Distribution Limited prides itself on being a single source to handle all your fulfilment and distribution needs. With our industry leading warehouse management system we can support your book distribution with a seamless pick, pack, and ship approach.
Vine House Distribution Limitedcan provide tight inventory control backed with a strong management team who deliver a highly flexible and responsive customer service.
Vine House Distribution Limited top to toe fulfilment services include:
  • Control and banking of payments (Credit card facilities available).
  • Stock control and reporting.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Retention of your customer’s details.
  • Worldwide fulfilment.
  • Database management and
  • Speciality packaging.
Let us take the strain
Sit back and relax, you’ve done all the hard work. Now you can be assured that whatever solution you are looking for we have the expertise and facilities to deliver.
You can expect nothing more than impeccable customer service from Vine House Distribution Limited. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we form with our customers which makes us their number one choice for fulfilment.
So don’t delay run with us today.
And finally our pledge to you
Although the book distribution industry is very competitive Vine House Distribution Limited sets itself apart with its diamond edge service and pledges to you a service second to none:
Value for money
International distribution
Nothing is too much trouble
Encouragement and support
Help at your fingertips
Orders of any size
Understand our business
Sales and Marketing bespoke to you
Excellent communicating with our clients at all times
Distribution Limited
Contact us
Get in touch with Vine House Distribution Limited now to find out more about how our diamond edge service can help you get noticed whatever the size of your publishing.
Phone +44 1825 767 396
Fax +441825 765 649