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Good Food Good Health

Good Food Good Health provides a real lifestyle choice towards maintaining a healthy diet.
The message in this book needs to be disseminated to the public so that real change can be made to the way in which we eat on an everyday basis.
We want to make a real difference and impact on the current obesity epidemic, which has become a major problem for our society and our future generations.
In the wake of daily articles and reports on promoting a healthy lifestyle, 
Good Food Good Health represents a small effort towards encouraging healthy eating.

** UPDATE **
Good Food Good Health has been selected for The People's Book Prize Summer 2014/15 Collection.
It is a national competition aimed at finding, supporting * promoting new and undiscovered works. To vote and for further information please visit the website here.
The aim of the book is to provide a selection of easy-to-prepare recipes for everyday cooking which are healthy, delicious and fulfilling. The book is designed to show that new flavours and recipes are not just the reserve of the top chefs and can be achieved in the home.  It allows the excitement to be put back into home cooking without the guilt of overindulgence. Children can be introduced to good hearty meals at home which are healthy and do not take up too much time to prepare. Healthy food, cooking and eating can be a regular family event and not just reserved for special occasions.
Good Food Good Health is not simply another recipe book. Every recipe has been nutritionally analysed, by consultant dieticians, to give an indication of the health status of each dish. Using the Food Standards Agency classification makes it visually easy to see the green, amber and red indicators. The breakdown of the nutritional information is conveniently provided, allowing for a visual representation of each dish. At a glance the reader can see that the majority of the recipes are green or amber. The few recipes which are red are special treats.
The book contains a personal collection of authentic recipes, tried and tested by a working mother. Amongst the many dishes from various cuisines covered in the book, there is a strong influence on tastes and flavours emanating from family recipes some of which have their origins in the Indian sub-continent.  These have been modified to reflect modern, healthy lifestyles without a compromise on taste.  The book has wide applications for the community at large and is aimed at preventative measures to reduce the incidence of obesity and its consequences, which are already rising to unprecedented proportions.  It provides valuable health benefits for those prone to heart disease and diabetes. Some of the recipes particularly address the South Asian population, who are vulnerable to these conditions as a result of traditional dietary habits. More importantly Good Food Good Health aims to influence our daily eating habits showing how traditional foods can taste equally good when prepared in a healthy way.
Good Food Good Health will appeal to:
Ø  Those looking to cook healthy balanced meals for themselves or their families
Ø  Those interested to try out new flavours and dishes
Ø  Young people starting to learn to cook for themselves
Ø  Those vulnerable or at risk of developing heart disease, hypertension or diabetes
Ø  Health professionals looking to advise their clients on healthy diets
Ø  Those wishing to control their diets without compromise on taste
or limiting their meals to ‘diet foods’
Ø  Those looking to enhance their culinary experience in a healthy well balanced way
Ø  Families wishing to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a focus on home cooked meals

ISBN: 9780955166945
Paperback 210mm x 210mm  264 pages
rrp £18.00  
Colour illustrations throughout
Health  |  Wholefood Cookery
Publisher: Mediscript Ltd.

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