Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Greetings

Firstly we would like to say a big warm thank you and a very merry Christmas to all our very supportive Clients, Customers, Suppliers , Representatives and everyone else who has crossed our paths this year.
2012 has proven to be a tough year for all and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we endeavour as ever to do our best to provide the level of service required in this ever evolving trade.

An announcement

Our Publisher – Grenadine -  are delighted to announce the nominations from the awards committee for the 2013 World Cook Book Awards to be presented in Paris February 2013.

They have three titles nominated in various categories;
this English language title is distributed by Vine House: 

Cava:  Sparkling Happiness
ISBN: 978 1 908233 10 3  HB  £9.99

Grenadine has also been confirmed as “Wine Book Publisher of the Year 2012”

New title for January 2013

Classical ballet was perhaps the most visible symbol of aristocratic culture and its isolation from the rest of Russian society under the tsars. In the wake of the October Revolution, ballet, like all of the arts, fell under the auspices of the Soviet authorities, who attempted to mold the former imperial ballet to suit their revolutionary cultural agenda and re-educate the masses. As Christina Ezrahis groundbreaking study reveals, they were far from successful in this ambitious effort to gain complete control over art.
Swans of the Kremlin offers a fascinating glimpse at the collision of art and politics during the volatile first fifty years of the Soviet period.
Based on extensive research into official archives, and personal interviews with artists and staff, Ezrahi presents the first-ever account of the inner workings of these famed ballet troupes during the Soviet era.
ISBN: 978 1 85273 158 8 PB £19.99

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

Look dawn of Christmas is appearing
It is coming with new hopes
new wishes
New determinations
New Joys
So enjoy it at full extent
Merry Christmas!

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