Friday, 8 January 2016

Firstly we would like to wish you Happy New Year and hope you all had a good Christmas and that you're not sitting at home watching the rain and wondering how your 2016 will pan out!

1. You could write a book and let us distribute it for you.......we are waiting for your call!
2. Read a good book...does wonders for your brain and imagination.
3. Turn off the TV....reading at night settles your mind for a better night sleep than watching TV.
4. If you have children or other to them or help them read to you.
5. Take a trip to your local's great to browse...take your time, you never know what you'll find
6. The 'Catch 22' of January is trying to speed up a long month with new things to do or slow it down because of looming bills...better still read the book of the same name and grow your sole by the same measure!
7. When it's dark outside read the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and feel the light.
8. Before watching a film where there is already a book, read the book first and see how it changes your perspective.
9. If you didn't get a Kindle Fire for Christmas, get your duffel coats on and light one in the garden and read stories to each other.

10. Finally....Even the intellectual of readers will take most of January to plough through ‘The Luminaries’ but at least we can all blame it on the hangover of Christmas.

....OK that was 10, I got carried away!

So Moving on......

What we can do for you:

Your book is your passion, and if you’re the author then you’ll have spent months, maybe even years, finishing it and if you’re the publisher then your authors are important to you so let us take care of the distribution and sales.

Book distribution is our passion. Vine House has been around for over 25 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge and contacts to get your book out there.
The book distribution process may be new to you, but we’re here to help with every step. From the actual warehousing, distribution, invoicing and cash collection to the sales and marketing, with a tailor made service so you can rest assured that your book will receive the personal attention it deserves.

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What our Publishers say...

“We have been a client of Vine House for more than 17 years and have had consistently excellent service from them for the whole period.” Dance Books

“Easy On The Eye Books were pleased with the attitude and enthusiasm of Vine House to our initial proposals, and as a new publisher have found them helpful and supportive”. Easy On The Eye

"To Picnic, ‘Vine House’ means Pauline Gosden, Julie McCarron and Sarah Squibb. They have been steadfast throughout a very difficult time for Picnic and I cannot rate them or the service they provide more highly. Efficient, always supportive and helpful, nothing is too much trouble. They specialise in sales and distribution for the smaller publishers - and I don't think you can get much smaller than Picnic! - and do so with dedication, thoughtfulness and great kindness." Picnic Publishing

"Vine House, having been MRP's distributor for 12 years, has demonstrated that a small, enthusiastic, friendly and efficient team is ideally suited to the requirements of a specialist publisher such as ourselves." Motor Racing Publications

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                     FORTHCOMING TITLES SCHEDULE 2016

Path of Duty - £9.99   Fiction

The 7th Python - £16.99      Biography
If Only They’d Met -  £16.99       Historical Fiction

The Hunt Shanghai - £7.99          Travel
Organic Wine: A Marketer’s Guide - £22.95        Business/Wine
Concepts of Wine Chemistry PB - £49.00       Wine/Winemaking

MARCH 2016
The Hunt Chicago - £7.99          Travel
Superbrands Annual 2016 - £60.00          Marketing/Branding
Greece – Lesbos - £23.95        Travel/Wildlife
Spanish Pyrenees Revised - £24.95       Travel/Wildlife
APRIL 2016
The Hunt Barcelona - £7.99      Travel
JUNE 2016
The Hunt Rio de Janeiro - £7.99    Travel
The Hunt Sydney - £7.99       Travel
Ibiza Nudes Vol 2 - £43.00      Photography

The Hunt Washington - £7.99       Travel
Ethiopia – Traveller’s Handbook - £17.99         Travel

JULY 2016
The Hunt Vancouver - £7.99        Travel
French Poems of the Great War - £10.99       War Poetry

If you would like further information please get in touch 
Vine House Distribution Ltd
The Old Mill House
Mill Lane
East Sussex
TN22 5AA
Tel:  +44 1825 767 396  Fax: +44 1825 765649