Monday, 27 April 2015


The HUNT editors are always residents who know their home turf inside out.  They don't list everything and the kitchen sink who has time to sift through all that? Instead, they carefully select around 100 venues that are truly worth visiting. The places they support are the ones that add soul and character to their neighbourhoods, making the cities truly vibrant. 

The HUNT team has donned their curatorial coloured glasses and picked local area businesses that range from trendy new to old-school classics, some in the historic centre and some off the beaten track, from funky and unexpected to chic and shiny. 

The HUNT is a tightly curated travel guide series that focuses on the most unique eating and shopping destinations, as well as memorable lifestyle experiences and activities in each city and over the last decade, these guides have become the go-to-source for a worldwide community of locals and travellers who seek out genuine and intriguing independent businesses.  

The HUNT Guides are the evolution of the hugely popular guides that started life in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Since then, they've been spreading the love globally and now offer guides to cities around the world. In the coming months they'll also be launching exciting new HUNT mobile applications and digital versions of their guides so that you’re always in the know … no matter where you want to rest your weary head. So go on – experience life like a local.


There’s no other city in the world quite like New York. Fact. The must-see list is mind boggling, and more than a little likely to induce a serious case of FOMO. From the scenery hipster enclaves of Brooklyn to the cobblestone streets in Greenwich Village that still echo the Beat generation, there’s something about the chaotic, anything goes melting-pot that is NYC. This quick-change artist is capable of transforming overnight, but don’t worry – we’re here to show you our time-tested stalwarts, the new up-and-comers, and everything in between.

The Hunt - PARIS

Who doesn't fantasise about living in Paris? The city just has that extra special something, and the food is to die for. Cherie, we ll show you how pastry is done: croissants, macaroons, tarte tatin et all. Plus, there are historical brasseries and hot spots galore for people watching and sipping cafe au lait. But remember, you ll have to do it in style. You are in Paris, after all. If your wardrobe needs an overhaul, this is the place to chic it up so you can stroll along the Seine or pop into museums and galleries looking like you belong. On y va! This beautiful little guide fits snugly in the back pocket of your jeans, or neatly in your favourite clutch, and is packed with the inside scoop on old-school favourites, offbeat gems and hip newcomers to oh-so-chic Paris. 

The Hunt - AUSTIN

‘Hunting’ in this Texan city is effortless: there are always fantastic bands lighting up the night, or a brand new restaurant luring you in by the nostrils. So don your finest cowboy hat and drop into an art gallery/yoga studio for a stretch and some culture, enjoy the finest New American cuisine, strum on a vintage guitar at a classic musicians’ mecca, and soak up the sun with a dip in the most glorious springs and creeks.

The Hunt - LONDON

We thought we knew this city inside and out, and then we worked on this book. What unfurled was a journey of discovery and an all-encompassing appreciation for a city oozing with independent creative talents, quirky English experiences, and the rich tapestry of pretty much every nationality in existence.


Though we don't like to play favourites, we do love working on this particular title. Wandering around San Francisco and the East Bay on a warm, sun-filled day, where everything seems touched by gold and the bay sparkles – there's nowhere else like it. It's on these days that even when we’re circling for a parking spot for the 15th time, our love for the city stays intact.


From the smoky temples and dim sum houses of Chinatown to the bustling markets and colourful street life of Little India to the carpet bazaars and tea parlours of the Arab Quarter to the glitz and glamour of Orchard Road - there’s something magical happening here. Welcome to The HUNT Singapore.


For the true New Orleans experience we can point you in the direction of the best places to find that perfect beignet or po-boy, costume emporiums that will kit you out for a NOLA-style party, and bars where you’ll be made the city’s finest cocktails, as well as live music spots, restaurants and green spots to refresh. Arranged by neighbourhood, we walk you through Bywater, Faubourg Marigny, The French Quarter, Mid-city and Treme, the CBD and Warehouse District, Garden District and across Uptown. 

The Hunt - BOSTON

Arranged by neighbourhood, we walk you through Back Bay, Fenway and Kenmore; Beacon Hill and West End; South End and Bay Village; North End; Waterfront and Downtown; Southie and Seaport; Brookline, Allston, Brighton and Jamaica Plain; Cambridge and Somerville and Charlestown. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015


A bit about we do.....
Vine House Distribution Limited
This month we focus on one of Vine House Distribution Limited key services our platinum standard warehousing and distribution.
What makes our distribution cutting edge

Vine House Distribution Limited client and customer services department support and control a comprehensive range of distribution services:
·         handling the order, picking and despatch of orders whatever the size for all over the world;
·         investing in dynamic service orientated leading edge IT to improve efficiency in operating performance.


·         Maximisation of warehouse storage capacity.
·         Better packing practices with positive environmental effects.
·         Faster despatch times.
So why choose us for your distribution
Vine House Distribution Limited staff understands fully the needs of distribution for their customers and individual staff are assigned as first point of contact and ongoing liaison.

The staff are always on hand to offer or discuss with you any challenges you may have.  We understand that getting the distribution right is the key to getting your book out there. 
And of course we specialise in distribution for the smaller publisher.   

Our client and customer services department support and manage:
·         Slick processes for checking stock;
·         Handling deliveries and returns;
·         Stock husbandry; and  
·         Individual bar coding and annual stocktaking.

A cut above
66,000 sq ft distribution centre operating a high capacity quick turn-around system within twenty hours of receipt.

A successful warehouse distribution supported by Vine House’s strong management team, leaving you time to market your book.
Our pledge to you 
Vine House Distribution Limited sets itself apart with its cutting edge service and pledges to you a service second to none:
Value for money
International distribution
Nothing is too much trouble
Encouragement and support
Help at your fingertips
Orders of any size 
Understand our business
Sales and Marketing bespoke to you
Excellent communicating with our customers at all times

Distribution Limited   

And finally
If you need a professional efficient cutting edge distributor contact Vine House Distribution Limited now.
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