Thursday, 18 September 2014


Gouffes Royal Cookery Book            £39.99     Cookery
Triumph Spitfire & GT6                      £24.99     Motoring
Porsche 911E, 911S & 911T             £17.99     Motoring
Porsche 356                                       £17.99     Motoring
Lotus Sports Racers                           £24.99     Motoring
Coventry Climax Engine                     £17.99     Motoring
Austin Healey Sprite                           £17.99     Motoring
Austin Healey 100                              £17.99     Motoring
Austin Healey 3000                            £17.99     Motoring
Formula Junior                                   £19.99     Motoring
Audi Quattro                                       £19.99     Motoring 
Playing the Harmonica with Pouch RP £9.99     Music
Championship Yo-Yo Tricks RP           £9.99     Hobbies/Games
Tarot New Edition RP                           £9.99     Mind, Body, Spirit
Scouts’ Honour                                   £14.95     Social & Cultural History
Coolbrands 2014/2015                        £55.00     Business/Branding
The Hunt Hong Kong                            £7.99     Travel
Remembrance Poems                         £14.00     Poetry
Crans Montana                                    £14.99     Travel

The Song of the Body                           £22.00     Dance/Health
Big Box of Science Fun RP                  £14.99     Children’s/Science
Yoga For Today                                      £9.99     Health/Mind Body Spirit
Dance Production & Management        £20.00     Dance
Joy’s Journey                                        £12.95     Autobiography
The Naked Heroine                               £12.95     Biography
Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2015      £17.95     Food & Drink/Wine
Perfection in Imperfection                     £29.99     Cookery
When Cover Girls Ruled the Charts     £17.99     Art & Design
Canary Island Vol. 1                             £19.95     Travel/Natural History

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China in your hand

This month we review why a book distributor and particularly Vine House Distribution Limited are so important to an author.
Your dream of being a successful author is china in your hand, you don’t know what you might have set upon yourself but you know how delicate it is.
It is not always easy to get noticed but you can depend on Vine House Distribution Limited to get you noticed whatever the size of the distribution of your dream.  

The hills are alive
Do you like writing? of course you do, the hills are alive with the sound of furious tapping of the keyboard as your mind explodes with rapturous enthusiasm of the words that just keep flowing.  Your dream, write a book, publish it and get it out there among your eager public hanging on every word of your page turner book, be a successful author. 
Good representation will forever be the key to selling books into book trade outlets whether they be shops or electronically driven.  The word from the hills is call Vine House Distribution Limited, masters in the top to toe process of successful book distribution.  
Who would believe it!
Who would believe that there are so many cogs in the wheel of successful book distribution. You may have thought writing a book was tricky, you may have even thought about self publishing and distribution, but do you really want to spend your time creating:

·         a customer base;

·         sorting invoices;

·         cash collections;

·         credit control;

·         sales stock reporting;

·         shipping orders;

·         space in your garage taken up with books; or

·         disposing of excess stock.   

Of course you don’t, you want more time being an author and writing your next work. You have arrived, look no further Vine House Distribution Limited are here right now with twenty five years of experience at your doorstep to nurture your book through their vast  network to get to the eyes of readers. 

Vine House Distribution Limited is professional and efficient whether you have a small or large distribution.  So:

·         forget admin;

·         forget accounting;

·         forget distribution and warehousing;

·         forget publicity; and

just leave it to us and get writing, that’s what lights up your world and that’s your goal, leave the rest to Vine House Distribution Limited
Listen to the hills
 Vine House Distribution Limited staff fully understand the needs of distribution for their customers and individual staff are assigned as first point of contact and ongoing liaison.
And of course we specialise in distribution for the smaller publisher.   
Our pledge to you
Vine House Distribution Limited sets itself apart with its cutting edge service and pledges to you a service second to none:
Value for money
International distribution
Nothing is too much trouble
Encouragement and support
Help at your fingertips
Orders of any size
Understand our business
Sales and Marketing bespoke to you
Excellent communicating with our customers at all times
Distribution Limited  
And finally
If you need a professional efficient cutting edge distributor contact Vine House Distribution Limited now.
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Friday, 5 September 2014

Julian Richer Publishing

Julian Richer Publishing is a company that publishes the books of Julian Richer, Founder and Managing Director of Richer Sounds plc. He currently has two of his own titles, The Richer Way, which is a semi-autobiographical look at Julian’s business philosophy, now in its fifth edition, and Richer on Leadership which draws on his many years of being a business leader.  Julian also published The Reward Society for Dr Tom Manion which looks at society and how we can improve productivity in ourselves and in our nation.
Richer Sounds -

Books published by Julian Richer Publishing:

The Richer Way

ISBN 9780953441525  £7.99  Paperback  256 pages  107mm x 178mm  Full Colour Cover  Author: Julian Richer

A fantastic practical business book packed full of useful ideas to help businessmen and motivate their staff.

A poor performer at school, Julian Richer has built from scratch a £200m+ group of businesses. His best known company “Richer Sounds” is the biggest and most profitable hi-fi retailer in the UK with the highest sales per square foot of any retailer in the world (Guinness Book of Records 10 years running).  His advice is sought by Chief Executives of some of Europe’s biggest organisations and his ideas on staff motivation have been described by the press as “legendary”.

In this book Julian explains his original thoughts and advice which have been used successfully in companies of widely differing types and sizes.  Written from first-hand experience of running businesses, readers will find this a practical book full of useful ideas.

"Read this book and transform your business” - Archie Norman, Chairman – Asda.
"How to become a Richer Guru and actually boost business” – The Times
“Leading a revolution in staff culture and customer service” – Business Age
“Like all good management books it is readable, controversial and full of golden nuggets of good advice.”…“Julian Richer is seen today as the arch exponent of Customer Service.” – Tim Daniels, Managing Director – Selfridges 

The Reward Society

ISBN 9780953441532  £9.99  Paperback  228 pages  210mm x 148mm  Full Colour Cover  Author: Dr. Tom Manion 

If we want a happy and healthy, wealthy, low benefit dependent, low crime, well-educated loyal nation, we need policies and programmes which promote these outcomes.
The financial sector ‘casino capitalism’ has rewarded risk over responsibility, with catastrophic consequences.
The Welfare State originally designed to mitigate the excesses of capitalism rewards mothers for staying single, traps people in dependency and makes poverty comfortable.
The Reward Society raises some uncomfortable truths and explores how can we break this cycle and improve productivity in ourselves and in our nation.

About the Author:

Dr. Tom Manion was appointed Chief Executive of Irwell Valley HA in 1997. Since then, the Association based in Manchester, England has more than trebled in size and achieved international status across Europe and the USA as a frontrunner in modern methods and innovation in business practice.
In 2003, Tom was awarded the Cabinet Office Public Servant of the Year, The Independent has identified him as one of the Top Ten Influential people in housing in the UK and he is listed in The Guardian Top Ten Innovators – ‘a charismatic pioneer’. In 2004, he collected the National Customer Services Lifetime Achievement Award.
Tom is also a recipient of the John D. Lang International Award, which recognises outstanding contribution towards international understanding and exchange of international experience in housing and community development.
Tom is a Distinguished Professional Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Praise for Dr Tom Manion and The Reward Society:

‘A man with vision and the ability to make it happen…important lessons for society and business alike.’ Simon Weston OBE
‘Tom’s approach has a hugely positive impact on the performance and ultimate success of your business.’ Allan Leighton, Going Plural
‘Tom’s vision to create the best company, the best neighbourhood and best society is something we can all applaud.’ David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation
‘Written by a man who has made a difference to housing in the UK…a must read.’  Professor Cary L. Cooper CBE, Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University Management School.

Richer On Leadership

ISBN 9780953441501  £9.99  Paperback  154 pages  210mm x 148mm  Full Colour Cover  Author: Julian Richer

Following the tremendous success of his first book “The Richer Way”, Julian Richer draws on his 20 years of experience in running a wide range of businesses, to give his vision of leadership and the leader’s task in organisation today. Packed with stimulating ideas and practical advice, this book is a must for all business leaders determined to succeed.

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