Friday, 7 August 2015

Children's bedtime reading

As much as we love the summer holidays I think we all find it hard to get the children back in to a routine when it comes to September.  After fun-filled exciting days and often later bedtimes than normal, the holidays can cause havoc with bedtime routines and sleep patterns.  Don’t leave it until the start of term; get your children into a good routine now!

For those little ones who struggle to get to sleep after an exciting day, we have the ideal companion for the bedtime routine.  Pillow People is the perfect bedtime story to set your children up for a great night’s sleep.

The Sleep Council stated that reading is one of the most preferred ways for children to wind down at bedtime, yet less than a third of today’s kids read before bedtime.  Knowing how important it is for children to learn how to relax before bed, the Sleep Council were very excited about Pillow People, describing it as beautifully illustrated, it is a charming rhyming story which gently encourages the bedtime routine.

The Pillow People are tiny, fluffy winged creatures who awake from inside pillows to whisper happy dreams to children at bedtime.  Talking about the illustrator, Patrick Hawkins, one book buyer said he has brought the sweetest little characters to life just perfectly and I am completely in love with them.

Pillow People occurred to the author, Annie Sullivan, in the form of a short poem while she was travelling by train in Europe. Struggling to sleep, she imagined who could help it happen. As a singer and songwriter, Annie sometimes shares her songs and poems with friends, and one night, illustrator Patrick Hawkins, was lucky enough to be there.  Together, they developed the idea, evolving the poem and the characters into a positive and colourful little book that can help ease children into a peaceful dreamy slumber.

Pillow People is available to buy from bookshops and online (ISBN 9780992839109) or can be ordered from

For a little taster of Pillow People, here is an extract:-

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