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I never know where the time goes; it seems only yesterday that we were in the midst of summer but here we are at the end of October with Christmas looming round the corner and shops full of winter goodies.

We have a great selection on new and forthcoming titles listed below and here are a some titles that are listed for The People's Book Prize or have recently been reviewed.

Happy Reading

The People's Book Prize finalist - please vote
This is such a fab book, and has really helped us with what were becoming 'difficult' bedtimes!! Our little boy loves the rhyming story and we use the 'pillow people' to assist us in keeping him in his room and going bak to sleep if he wakes. Our little ones adore the bright illustrations, would love to see some sort of pillow people toy as that would be a big hit in our house. Excellent book have already recommended it to lots of friends for their little ones bed time routines.
‘One of the best cookery books I’ve seen in a while. No fuss, just straightforward, delicious, healthy recipes. Incredibly impressed with the finished product as well ’

A People's Book Prize finalist

Book review: Almost Invinvible by Suzanne Burdon
The spark that ignited the relationship between poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and his author wife Mary came close to being extinguished by the ‘third person’ in their marriage.
Claire Clairmont, Mary’s bold, flirtatious stepsister, was a constant presence in the lives of the two literary giants during their nine turbulent years together. The lover of another famous poet Lord Byron, and reputedly in love with Shelley too, the manipulative Claire brought Mary almost to breaking point. to read more -

The Bartender’s Black Book 10th Ed. RP    £10.95     Cocktails
Great Box of Magic Reprint       £14.99    Children's Activity
Playing the Harmonica with Pouch RP      £9.99     Music
Championship Yo-Yo Tricks RP       £9.99      Hobbies/Games
Tarot New Edition RP       £9.99      Mind, Body, Spirit
Scouts’ Honour       £14.95    Social & Cultural History
Coolbrands 2014/2015     £55.00      Business/Branding
The Hunt Hong Kong     £7.99      Travel
Remembrance Poems       £14.00      Poetry
Crans Montana   £14.99   Travel

The Song of the Body      £25.00     Dance/Health
Big Box of Science Fun RP      £14.99    Children’s/Science
Yoga For Today       £ 9.99      Health/Mind Body Spirit
The Naked Heroine       £12.95      Biography
Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide 2015     £17.95     Food & Drink/Wine
Perfection in Imperfection     £29.99    Cookery
When Cover Girls Ruled the Charts    £17.99     Art & Design
Canary Island Vol. 1          £19.95        Travel/Natural History

     Life After 50 – A Survival Guide for Women RP     £3.99       Humour
     Portugal’s Wine & Winemakers            £25.00   Food & Drink/Wine
     Savour Chinatown          £16.99     Food & Drink
     Adlestrop Remembered        £6.99     Poetry
     The Romantic Ballet in England             £25.00    Dance/Ballet
The Dance Theatre of Jean Cocteau        £30.00   Dance/Ballet
Fanny Elssler              £25.00   Biography/Ballet
     United – The Official Graphic Novel Vol. 1       £14.95    History/Sport
     Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015        £13.95     Food & Drink

Concepts in Wine Technology 3rd Edition PB     £25.00     Winemaking
Love Goa 3rd Edition     £29.95    Travel/India
Boom Boom, Boom Boom     £17.99      Music
Graham Bonnet       £17.99     Biography
     Delicato Family Cookbook     £14.95      Food & Drink/Recipes

Canary Islands II     £22.95   Travel/Natural History
Cevennes      £23.95   Travel/Natural History
Australia Accommodation Guide 2015      £12.95     Travel
The New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book 2015    £12.95      Travel
Iceland   £23.95        Travel/Natural History

     Autobiography   £20.00   Autobiography

MARCH 2015
Superbrands Annual 2015   £55.00   Art/Marketing

JUNE 2015
Organic Wine: A Marketer’s Guide      £22.95    Business/Wine
The Business of Winemaking      £32.00    Business/Wine
Titles in the pipeline
The Hunt Shanghai 
The Hunt New Orleans
The Hunt Tokyo 
The Hunt Rome 
The Hunt Chicago
The Hunt Jerusalem/Tel Aviv  
The Hunt Sydney 
Travel title from Gatehouse - all £7.99, date still to be decided 

Andalusia Vol 1 
Andalusia Vol 2 
Greece – Lesbos
3 new travel/wildlife titles - prices and date still TBC

Sake: The History, Personal Stories and Craft  - details TBC

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