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Doctor Spot case books

A series of charming stories designed to help children, aged 4-7 years, (and their families and friends) understand and cope with a range of common illnesses and conditions. Children love the stories, which describe symptoms and how to alleviate or cure them in a way that is accessible and easy to understand. Special parents' pages at the back of each book provide medically vetted information on recognising and easing symptoms and seeking professional help.
Brian has Dyslexia is a story about a bright young bear who keeps getting his words muddled up. Brian thinks it’s because he’s stupid, but Dr Spot the leopard doctor explains it’s just because he has something called dyslexia and it’s not his fault and he most certainly is not stupid.
ISBN 9781905339860
Charlie has Asthma is a story about Charlie the cheetah who’s always running out of breath just when he needs it most. Dr Spot the leopard doctor explains that he has something called asthma and gives him a special inhaler to help with his breathing. Soon Charlie is roaring round the track again!
ISBN 9781905339839
Emma has Measles is a story about Emma the elephant. Emma catches measles and it looks as though she’ll miss her star part in the school play. However, when the play is put off because other members of the cast catch measles too, Emma can be the star after all.
ISBN 9781905339891
Franklin has Conjunctivitis is a story about Franklin the frog. When Franklin gets conjunctivitis, his fun camping trip with his dad and friends looks like ending in disaster. Luckily Doctor Spot arrives with some special eye drops to make everything better.
ISBN 9781905339853
George has Meningitis is a story about Baby George the gorilla who is taken ill with a mysterious sickness. Remembering her school lessons, his clever sister Gloria suspects meningitis. Dr Spot rushes George to hospital where he receives emergency treatment and makes a full recovery.
ISBN 9781905339907
Harriet has Tonsillitis is a story about Harriet the hippo who develops a nasty case of tonsillitis at her best friend’s birthday party. Doctor Spot is on hand to tell her what’s wrong and how she’s going to get better.
ISBN 9781905339914
Lawrence has Head Lice is a story about Lawrence the lion who goes to the barber for a mane cut. The barber finds head lice eggs (nits) in Lawrence’s thick hair. Lawrence’s mother takes Lawrence to Doctor Spot, who explains all about head lice and how to treat them.
ISBN 9781905339884
Mike has Chicken-Pox is a story about Mike the monkey who comes out in spots and feels uncomfortably itchy. He’s got chicken-pox! Doctor Spot prescribes some soothing lotion and Mike is soon back on form again and up to his old tricks.
ISBN 9781905339846
Rachel has Eczema is a story about Rachel the rhino. Poor Rachel is sore and itchy and can’t sleep at night. After diagnosing a painful case of eczema, Doctor Spot treats her with ointments and dressings which soon make her feel better.
ISBN 9781905339877
Zak has ADHD is a story about Zak the zebra. Poor Zak – he’s naughty, rude and unpopular, but all he really wants is to be like the other children. Doctor Spot finds that Zak has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD. Soon Zak is winning gold stars for good behaviour – and making a new friend!
ISBN 9781905339822
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