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New Titles from Gatehouse Publishing for Spring 2014

Art Plural
Voices of Contemporary Art
ISBN:   978-981-07-8408-9,  PRICE:          £40
AUTHOR:       Michael Peppiatt,   SUBJECT:      Art / Lifestyle
DESCRIPTION: How do we begin to understand the ensuing multitude of different directions in contemporary art? In Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art world-renowned art historian and writer Michael Peppiatt joins with Swiss gallerist Frédéric de Senarclens of Art Plural Gallery, as well as over 25 leading contemporary artists, to share their thoughts on this diverse art scene.

Dim Sum
A Flour-forward Approach to Traditional
Favourites and Contemporary Creations
ISBN: 978-981-07-7854-5, PRICE: £24
AUTHORS: Jalean, Wong &  Ma Jian Jun
SUBJECT: Food & Drink / Travel
DESCRIPTION: Chef Janice Wong's approach to cuisine is novel and innovative--she views familiar items in a different light, twisting and combining them in a unique way. In this book with dim sum expert Chef Ma Jian Jun, Chef Wong brings her unique concepts and presentation to the traditional Cantonese art of dim sum. Together they have pioneered a collection of over 90 traditional recipes as well as new creations incorporating both Chef Ma's impeccable craft and Chef Wong's pastry vision.

Instead of indiscriminately featuring everything and the kitchen sink, The HUNT team has donned our curatorial coloured glasses and carefully selected 100 or so unique, authentic local  businesses that range from eye-popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinated and WAY off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny. Over the last decade, our guides have become the go-to source for a worldwide community of locals and travellers who seek out genuine, intriguing independent businesses. All are £14, PB 128  152mm x 110mm

The Hunt Austin
Tolly Moseley Carnes
Tolly Moseley Carnes, is a freelance writer, editor and journalist living in Austin, Texas. Her work focuses on arts/culture, health, food and life. Before becoming a full-time writer, Tolly worked as a large waving costumed bear named Muffy, a seasoned coffee preparer at a fashion PR firm in Italy, a children's yoga instructor at a progressive private school, a classroom assistant in rural India, a college composition teacher, a restaurant columnist, a waitress, a "cat socializer," a public radio intern, a food show co-host, and a literary publicist.

The Hunt Hong Kong
Grace Entry
Grace Entry has worked as a professional chef, feature food and travel writer, food stylist and PR representative in Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where she is currently based.

The Hunt London
David Leppan
David Leppan,  is a treasure hunter, a collector, and a hunter-gatherer. His passion for what’s unique, rare and handmade began at the age of 10 with a friend's father telling him with great enthusiasm about his classic Rolls-Royce. To finance his rather nomadic lifestyle, he searches for treasures all around the world – zealously buying and rather sadly selling antiques – always on the lookout for beautiful and unusual products made by craftsmen and artisans.

An expert on global compliance issues, Mr. Leppan has spoken widely, been published and featured on BBC News, The Times and CNBC Squawk Box, to name but a few. He is a passionate collector of classic Rolls Royce, Bentleys as well as Spanish and Italian Old Masters.

The Hunt New York City
JoAnna Kang
JoAnna Kang - admits it took her years to make the cross country move to NYC. The excitement from friends and family soon dissipated. They were known to pantomime a gun to the head after listening to another soliloquy of her someday reuniting with a beloved NYC bagel. They’d implore, “Then, move already!” Yet, the thought of leaving Portland, Ore. felt like jumping out of a warm, comfy bed and straight into an icy river. But the move happened, and she confronted head-on NYC’s cramped, yet well-oiled machine, churning out long workdays in exchange to live in a 24-hour glutton’s paradise. Despite the 350-square foot challenge and ignoring the fact that the armoire is four feet from the stove, she still enjoys recreating delicious recipes from Elizabeth David cookbooks. On days when the apron’s tucked away, you’ll most likely find her fogging up the glass case at her favourite deli and neighbour, Russ & Daughters.

The Hunt San Francisco
Lauren Ladoceour
Lauren Ladoceour, is a journalist in San Francisco's Mission neighbourhood. Lauren Ladoceour is Yoga Journal's assistant editor and media editor. She joined Yoga Journal as the Web intern after graduating from Boston University in 2005. In addition to YJ, Lauren has worked at Sunset Custom Publishing and written for Rolling Stone, Boston Magazine, the Boston Phoenix, and the Spokesman-Review. Her work has also appeared in Stone Australia, 7x7, and Food Arts. Lauren is an avid gamer and cook, and enjoys refinishing antiques and competing in small trivia tournaments. 

The Hunt Singapore
Bernie Baskin  & Jalean Wong
Bernie Baskin - United States - is a wandering southerner who fell in love with slurping noodles on the streets of Singapore. When he’s not exploring the hidden alleys of Asia, he can be found on the back of a rusty motorcycle with the throttle wide open, singing at the top of his lungs.
Jalean Wong Singapore - An unabashed lover of food in all its amazing forms, Singapore native Jalean Wong has spent her life searching for the world’s tastiest (sometimes spiciest) nosh, both as a professional food critic and for her own unadulterated personal pleasure. Although this equal opportunity eater’s palate has been finely honed while living in the US, Australia and China, she is just as content scouting out hole-in-the-walls as she is stuffing her face with a 10-course degustation.

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