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Jane Austen & Adlestrop - latest reviews:

‘The subtitle of this book is ‘Her Other Family’ and it is true that the Leighs of Adlestrop, while providing half of Jane Austen’s genes and heritage, are less written about than the Austens of Kent.  …There is material that does not normally make it into standard Austen biographies and [the author’s] claim that ‘Jane was directly affected by their sagas of dynastic marriages, untimely deaths and metal instability, their quest for fashionable improvements, their money struggles and quarrels over inheritance’ is surely true.
Maggie Lane, Jane Austen Society Newsletter October 2013

Well-illustrated with photographs, reproductions of painted portraits, maps and family trees, this is not only a detailed portrait of an English village, but also a fascinating history of Jane Austen’s maternal forebears.
Joceline Bury Jane Austen’s Regency World

Latest reviews for Dr Spot - ZAK has ADHD  ADD/ADHD Resource Reviews -

Zak has ADHD
A Dr Spot book by Jenny Leigh

This is a delightfully written and wonderfully colourful book aimed at children with ADHD to help them to understand a bit more about the condition. It also has fantastic information for parents to help them to support their child and obtain the best possible help for them.

Jenny has written this in such a way that any child with ADHD will be able to identify themselves in Zak and to be able to relate to some of the feelings Zak has.

Dr Spot explains things really well and simply to both the child and adult and this allows Zak and his parents to understand why he is different and in turn this allows the child and parents to appreciate how the child is also behaving to enable them to access help and support for the child both through health and education.

The fact that the pictures and characters are so bright and colourful makes the book a delight to read through and helps to keep you focused on the story and also allows you to imagine a lot more of what would be happening in the story.

Jenny has written very sensitivly about ADHD and how the condition affects both the child and the family but not only that she has looked further into things and has shown that this is not only a condition that affects boys but there is also a girl who is diagnosied as well which will mean that this book will appeal both to male and female readers and parents.

Over all this is one of the first books about ADHD for children that I think will be a real source of fun and practical help and support.

Many thanks to Jenny for the research she has put into making this as accurate as possible.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby)

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Zak has ADHD and Brian has Dyslexia have also been listed on ADHD Lancashire Support group website -

Latest review:

Jane Austen & Adlestrop is featured in Octobers issue of Cotswold Life -

"All of Jane's novels were published published anonymously and she did not live long enough to enjoy the success of her work.  Now thanks to the dedicated work undertaken by Victoria Huxley, we can vicariously follow in Jane Austen's footsteps and read more into her novels than a writer's imagination.  For the first time, the connection between the novelist and the small village of Addlestrop has been fully researched and written.  An future generations will have Victoria to thank for putting the village into context of the changes wrought over the last two centuries, ensuring Adlestrop is remembered and takes its place in our cherished history" - with June Lewis - Heritage section - Cotswold Life Magazine

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New title from 'Silent but Deadly'
ISBN: 978 0 9562398 5 3
PRICE: £2.99
AUTHOR: Martin Baxendale

The perfect gift for anyone who could do with a little cheering up and/or a bit of a laugh to brighten their day (which would be all of us then). A fun cartoon-illustrated guide crammed with advice on topping up your happiness levels by self-taught (and only very lightly bonkers) cheering-up expert Cheerful Charli. In an Increasingly gloomy world where the news gets more depressing by the day and politicians just seem to make things worse, it’s important to try to stay chirpy and upbeat. Cheerful Charli helps to lighten the load with her laugh-a-minute take on how to stay happy no matter what – a very funny collection of tips and hints that will brighten anyone’s day with a plethora of chuckles while also offering nuggets of self-help truth to keep them sane and happy even in difficult times.
Martin’s series of close to 30 cartoon humour books has sold over four million copies worldwide. Probably best-known is Your New Baby – An Owner’s Manual, a classic gift book for new parents which has sold nearly half a million copies in the UK and more than a million worldwide, translated into over a dozen languages.

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