Tuesday, 16 July 2013


The Ford in Britain Centenary File by Eric Dymock

Arthur Shippey thought he could sell a franchise for Ford cars so in March 1904 he displayed three at the Agricultural Hall, Islington. By 1914 the Ford Motor Company (England) Ltd, was distributing to 1000 dealers from a showroom on Shaftesbury Avenue. The rest, as they say, is history! 
The nation’s hundred year love affair with Ford is celebrated in this book that rekindles the affection generations had with the big V8s, the nimble Anglias , the Escorts, Cortinas and Granadas, and milestone cars like the Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac. Including 40 years of the Transit, the world championship grand prix circuits of Formula 1, Le Mans, and Indianapolis, The Ford in Britain Centenary File celebrates 100 years of the Ford Motor Company in BritainThis book is a must for Ford fans everywhere!   

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